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Back in March, just before Lockdown, nominations were requested for a parent governor. As a result of lockdown, the school was unable to proceed with a parent governor election. The election paperwork below has now been issued for parents to vote on the candidate they would most like to represent them on the governing body. Please complete voting Form 5 and return to the school office by 9.00am on Friday 18th September.

Click HERE to download the letter/voting form.

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COVID-19 Cases:

Please use the following table below to track the cases of confirmed and unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 across the school year groups.


Green - No students in the Year group with any identified symptoms
Amber - Students in the year group have displayed one or more of: High Temperature/Persistent cough/Loss of smell or taste. However No Corona virus has been confirmed
Red - Confirmed case of Corona virus in that Year group

Year Group Students in Year Displaying Symptoms Action
Year 7 In School
Year 8 In School
Year 9 In School
Year 10 In School
Year 11 In School
Year 12 In School

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