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Year 9 COVID-19 Update:

All year 9 students should be in school unless they have been told directly to isolate. 


Year 8 COVID-19 Update:


We have completed contact track and tracing today.

The following groups must continue to self-isolate until 25th October.


  • 8W1
  • 8W3
  • 8W4
  • 8W5



Work will be set on SMHW for the duration of this partial closure. In order to minimise the impact of this closure it is essential that all students complete this work.


Students in groups the following groups should return to school as normal on Tuesday 20th October


  • 8W2
  • 8W6
  • 8W7


We will continue to work with Public Health England and will update you if there are any changes to the above arrangements.




Group Action
8W1 Self-isolate
8W2 Return to school
8W3 Self-isolate
8W4 Self-isolate
8W5 Self-isolate
8W6 Return to school
8W7 Return to school

COVID-19 Cases:

Please use the following table below to track the cases of confirmed and unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 across the school year groups.


Green - No students in the Year group with any identified symptoms
Amber - Students in the year group have displayed one or more of: High Temperature/Persistent cough/Loss of smell or taste. However No Corona virus has been confirmed
Red - Confirmed case of Corona virus in that Year group

Year Group Students in Year Displaying Symptoms Action
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10 In School
Year 11 In School
Year 12 In School

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UPDATE 22nd October:

All year 9 students should be in school unless they have been told directly to isolate. 

All students in year 7 will be in self isolation until Tuesday 27th October.

Students who travel on the A Star bus will also isolate until Tuesday 27th October

Students who travel on the Borland bus will isolate until 23rd October. They will be in school on 23rd October.

Further details have been sent to affected students via Edulink.

Many thanks,

Holy Trinity Academy