Staff of Holy Trinity Academy

Summer Term


Senior Leadership Team  
Mr A Neal Headteacher
Mrs A Welsh Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Physics
Mrs J Smith Assistant Headteacher(Teaching & Learning)
Miss A Montgomery Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral), Teacher of PE
Mr J Doust Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form), Teacher of RE
Ms L Williams  
Mr R Welsh  
Business Studies  
Mrs L Evans Business Studies
Mrs A McArthur Head of English
Mrs R Woodvine  
Mrs B Olner  
Mrs R Kennedy  
Miss H Cutting  
Miss K Sutton  
Mrs J Priestley Reading Intervention Assistant
Mr C Broadbent Head of Geography
Ms J Hancher  
Mrs M Simmonds Head of Humanities
Mrs R Green  
Mrs J Card  
Music & Drama  
Mr J Harper Head of Music & Drama
Ms D Monks Teacher of Drama
Mrs A Power Head of ICT
Mrs E Edwards  
Mrs J Newell  
Mrs C O’Brien Head of Maths
Ms J Fletcher Lead Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Astbury  
Ms J Willott  
Mr A Craven  
Miss J Henderson  
Modern Languages  
Miss P Andre Head of MFL
Mrs J Brown Teacher of French
Physical Education  
Mr P O’Neill Head of Physical Education
Miss A Montgomery  
Mrs E Proudler  
Ms D Monks Dance & Performing Arts
Mr M Clarke  
Product Design  
Mr M Hunter Head of Product Design
Ms N Easton  
Religious Education  
Ms N O’Neill Head of RE
Mrs J Smith  
Mr J McGregor  
Mr J Doust  
Mrs S Newall  
Mr S Hewlett-Lloyd  
Mr J Goh Head of Science
Dr Bell Lead Teacher of Science
Mrs A Welsh  
Mrs A Barratt  
Mr I Newcombe  
Mr P Sawyer  
Miss S Vyse  
Miss L Patrick  
Mr J Gurden  
Mrs S Zych  
Special Needs / Support  
Mrs K Colton Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Cover Supervisors  
Mrs D Sowerby  
Mrs S Raiyat  
ICT Technical Support  
Mr J Handy Head of Infrastructure
Mr D Stokes Senior IT Technician
Mr T Clowe IT Technician
Miss L Glanville IT Apprentice
Learning Support Assistants  
Mrs J Ralph Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Parkes Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Fones Learning Support Assistant
Mr S Jarvis Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Sowerby Learning Support Assistant
Mrs N Cotton Learning Support Assistant
Mr D Morgan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Catchpole Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Gough Business Manager
Mrs E Edge Finance Assistant
Mrs H Green School Administrator (Data)
Miss S Hall School Administrator (Attendance)
Mrs S Roberts School Administrator
Mrs S Lawson Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Mrs S Potts Pastoral Manager
Ms A Nelson Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs R Padfield Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs K Handy Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs N Forrest Pastoral Support Officer
Site Management  
Mr B Walsh Assistant Site Manager
Mr K Kerr Assistant Site Manager
Mr R West Lettings Officer
Mrs E Gadsden Science Technician
Mrs A Griffith Product Design Technician
Mrs H Beeston Food Technician
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs T Welch  
Mrs N Day  
Mrs G Evans  
Mrs A Litwin  
Mrs P Jackson