Welcome to Christian Life

Christian Life at Holy Trinity Academy

Spirituality is at the centre of our school community; this means that we not only aim to encourage our students with their academia, but the whole child, in mind, body and soul.

We value and love the uniqueness of every child as being created in the image of God. Our pupils are wonderful, they are our ambassadors: hard-working, friendly, fun to be with and genuinely pleasant and polite young people.

For our pupil’s examination results are so very important however, at Holy Trinity Academy we work extremely hard to develop other equally important aspects of life: laughter, fun, joy, celebration, caring for others, an ability to think beyond oneself, an awareness of God and spirituality. We want our pupils to enjoy the journey of exploration in terms of their faith and identity. We hope that faith, unity and aspiration are qualities that will remain with them throughout their life journey long after leaving our school community.

At Holy Trinity Academy our extra-curricular activities play an integral part of a young person’s development and all pupils of all ages and abilities are encouraged to profit from a breadth of opportunities available. We believe that every student can succeed, whatever their talents and abilities. Our students have different abilities and aptitudes. We value those differences as well as valuing the unique contribution made by pupils from ethnically diverse backgrounds. This is what makes us a community cohesive environment, where everyone feels accepted. Our Staff make it their duty to provide our pupils with the opportunity to grow and develop their gifts and talents within a strong caring community.

Our Academy is friendly and inviting to everyone, with a uniquely warm atmosphere and buzzing learning environment. We put our mission as a Christian Academy into practice each day in the way we work with and treat others. It is our hope that these practices will become the cornerstone for our students as they move on into adulthood.

As Pope Francis said “Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care. It is a little like being parents, at least spirituality.  It is a great responsibility.”