Mobile Phone & Device Usage

Mobile phones/devices are not permitted in school. If a student decides they need to bring a phone to use before or afterschool it must be switched off and at the bottom of their bag at their own risk (school will not go looking for lost phones or replace damaged ones).

As soon as the student comes through the gate/door to school no phone should be seen or heard.

If a student’s phone is on display, heard (pocket etc.) or used members of staff will confiscate the phone and a two hour detention will be issued. Confiscated phones can be collected at the main office at the end of the day. If this is a regular occurrence for a student a parent will have to come and pick up the confiscated phone.

Students are not permitted to contact home with mobile phones/devices during the school day.  2 hour detention will be issued if we discover a student has contacted home via called/text.

Students can if they choose to use their phone/device once they exit the school side gate to go home not before. Regardless of the time.

We advise parents not to put their child in a situation by calling or texting them during the school day.