We expect all our students to achieve excellent attendance at Holy Trinity Academy in order to make good progress and access all the opportunities we have to offer. The expectation is for a student to have 100% attendance.

If for any reason your child is ill and is unable to attend school, please telephone our Attendance Line (01952) 386102 before 8.25am on the day of the absence and every subsequent day of absence with details of the illness. There is a service to leave a message should the line be busy. Absences can also be reported via MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) or the Contact Us form at the bottom of our website.


Lesson 1 starts at 8.25am prompt. The student entrance gates are closed at 8.20am and any student arriving after this time should enter the school via the main entrance and report to reception, giving a reason for their lateness.

Students arriving after 8.25am, without evidence of a valid reason e.g. medical appointment, will receive a tick on their standards card. Three ticks on a standards card will result in a detention.

Students arriving after registers have closed at 8:55am will be marked with a U code which is an unauthorised absence.


All general dental, doctor and optician appointments should be made outside of the school day or in the school holidays. Orthodontist and hospital appointments that cannot be made outside of the school day will be authorised if supported by official evidence, e.g. letter, appointment card from the relevant orthodontist or hospital. We ask that your child takes the minimum amount of time off for these appointments, returning to school promptly and does not take the whole day off.

Leave in Term Time

Holiday and other requests for term time leave are only authorised in exceptional circumstances. A Term Time Leave Form should be completed and returned to Miss Hall in the School Office. Parents will be informed of the decision in writing. A copy of the Term Time Leave Form can be collected from the office or the following link click me!
Any queries regarding attendance can be dealt with by Mrs Cousins, Education Welfare Officer, or Miss Hall, Attendance Officer.