Publication Scheme

Guide to information available from Holy Trinity Academy under the publication scheme

1.            What we are and what we do

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
Instrument of Government This details:
the name of the school
the category of the school
the name of the governing body
the manner in which the governing body is constituted
the term of office of each category of governor if less than 4 years
the date the instrument took effect
Hard copy/ Website Nil
Website Statutory website information:
The type of school
The name, address and telephone number of the school
The names of the Headteacher and Governors
Information on the school’s policy on admissions
A statement on the school’s ethos and values
Information about the school’s policy on providing for pupils with special educational needs
Number of pupil places
Website Nil

2.            Information what we spend and how we spend it

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
Annual budget plan Details of how the budgeted income is to be spent over the current year and the school’s income and expenditure returns Hard copy Nil
Capital funding Details of the capital funding allocated to the school, together with information on related building projects and other projects Hard copy Nil
School Fund Details of income and expenditure of the school fund for the previous academic year Hard copy Nil
Procurement and projects Details of the procurement procedure for the purchase of goods and services and details of contracts that have gone through the formal tendering process. Hard copy Nil
Pay Policy Details of the school’s pay policy for teaching staff.  This includes procedures for determining teachers’ grievances in relation to their pay. Hard copy Nil
Staffing and grading structure Summary details of the staffing structures and grading Hard copy Nil

3.            What our priorities are and how are we progressing

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
School profile Pupil performance data Hard copy/Website Nil
School profile Latest Ofsted report including areas for improvement Hard copy and website Nil
School improvement plan A detailed strategic plan for improvement bringing together, in a clear and simple way, the school’s priorities, the main measures it will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the kev outcomes and targets it intends to achieve. Hard copy Nil
Performance management policy The Performance Management policy and procedures adopted by the governing body relating to the appraisal of the staff and the annual report on the effectiveness of the appraisal process. Hard copy Nil
Future plans Anv major proposals for changes in the school Hard copy Nil
Every Child Matters Details of policies and procedures in place to support the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. This includes policies and procedures in place with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in compliance with any guidance issued by the Secretarv of State. Hard copy Nil

4.            How we make decisions

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
Admission policy/decisions The school’s admission arrangements and procedures, together with information about the right of appeal. This will include details of the number of appeals, the number of applications, the number of successful applications and the criteria that they applied under. Hard copy and website Nil
Agenda and minutes of meetings of the governing body Agreed agendas and minutes of the governing body and its sub-committees. Hard copy Nil

5.            Our policies and procedures

Information published How the information can be obtained Cost
School policies (statutory policies for publication on school website): Hard copy and website Nil
Absence Management
Acceptable use – Pupils
Acceptable use – Staff
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff
Bring your own device
Capability of Staff
Emergency Plan
Exam Appeals
Exam malpractice
First Aid
Grievance Health and Safety
Teaching and Learning
Maternity and Family Leave Record Management
Registration and Certification
Safer Recruitment
Speak Up – Whistle blowing
Staff Code of Conduct
Staff Handbook
Staff Induction
Hard copy Nil

6.            Lists and Registers

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
Curriculum maps Details of the curriculum maps for each key stage group Hard copy Nil
Asset register A list of all the assets in the school Hard copy Nil

7.            The services we offer

Information published Description How the information can be obtained Cost
Extra-curricular activities Details of extra activities that take place at school at lunchtime and after school Hard copy Nil
Educational leaflets Promoting positive behaviourSafeguardinge-safety for parentsTherapy teamsPastoral careWellbeing team Hard copy Nil
Student newsletters Detailing what has happened in school in the last term and plans for the future. website Nil