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Information about Pupil Premium for Parents & Carers.

Supporting Pupil Premium students at Holy Trinity Academy


Mrs Rachel Woodvine – Pupil Premium Lead Teacher – rachel.woodvine@holytrinity.academy

Please follow the links above to read about how we support our Pupil Premium students at Holy Trinity Academy. I can be contacted on the email address above if you have any further questions.


Ciaran Hancox – Forces Student Champion


Ava Morgan – Forces Student Champion


Mrs Bryony Olner – Forces Student Champion

I grew up with both my mom and dad serving in the British Army,
alongside my extended family members (grandparents & uncles). I
was born in Wegberg, Germany whilst my parents were posted
there. Luckily for me, we moved back to England when I was three.
The only thing I remember about living in Germany was the military
hospital where I had my tonsillectomy. My mom stopped serving in
the military when we moved back but my dad stayed in for several
years. Unlike my sister’s upbringing, I didn’t move from house to
house but I’ve seen first-hand the impact that it has had on my
sister’s life. I feel proud and humbled to be a services child. It has
made me strong-willed, determined and very independent but at
the same time talking about my emotions as a child was something
I found incredibly difficult, especially surrounding separation
anxiety. I always felt like there was nobody who really understood
the situation I was going through when I was at school.


Mr Richard Welsh – Forces Student Champion

My dad was in the army since he was sixteen, and as a child
of soldier I was used to moving around England and
different countries on posting. The most was three in two
years. It was common to not to see my dad for long periods
of time. He had posting in Ireland, Falklands and Africa.
When I was old enough I also joined the army for a short
time before coming a teacher.