Study Zone

Listed on this page are all the platforms we’re currently using in school that students are able to access from both school and home, the list will be updated once information is collected from departments.

General Links:

Please Note: Your child will have access to the Microsoft Office suite which includes Office 365 to save their files online, They can access this by clicking the Office 365 button and logging in with their school credentials in the format of: (remember to include a number if you have one)


Bedrock Learning: Your login details will be provided to you by your English teacher.


For all the below, your details will be provided to you by your maths teacher.

Shared Platforms:

Kerboodle: The Institution Code for the platform is Gn1

Update: 18th October

We have had a confirmed Covid case in year 8. All year 8 must self- isolate whilst we conduct the contact tracing process. Details for Tuesday will be released on Monday afternoon. All pupils should use show my homework to access their work.

All students in year 7 will be in self isolation until Tuesday 27th October.

Students who travel on the A Star bus will also isolate until Tuesday 27th October

Students who travel on the Borland bus will isolate until 23rd October. They will be in school on 23rd October.

Further details have been sent to affected students via Edulink.

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Holy Trinity Academy