Student Equipment List

Every student is expected to have the following items with them at all times in preparation for lessons.

Please click here to find our standards card 

Bag (large enough to carry books to school) Rubber
2 black/blue biros (pens) Calculator
2 pencils Protractor 360deg
Ruler Compass
Pencil case Sharpener
Reading book (not magazine) Planner
Red pen Highlighter pen
Coloured pencils
Glue sticks
Green pen

This list can be added to depending on subject requirements.

Drinks in lessons – only water.  Drinks are not permitted in Science Labs, computer rooms, workshops and the Learning Resource Area.

No fizzy or energy drinks are allowed.

No large packs of sweets or crisps are allowed.

Mobile Phones: – use of mobile phones/tablets will not be permitted in school.  If seen they will be confiscated.

School will re-open for Year 7 and 12 pupils on Wednesday 2nd September and Thursday 3rd for all other pupils.
Guidance for Septembers return will be shared with parents via EduLink on August 14th, after the government have issued their latest guidance.

Thank you.
Holy Trinity Academy


Reminder to Year 13's that A Level results are to be collected on the 13th August between 0800 and 1200.