6th Form – Impact Days

Impact Days

As part of the curriculum, Holy Trinity Academy provides Sixth Formers with an opportunity to participate in its Impact Days. There are four occasions when these days take place this academic year. The Impact Days are when all students come off timetable and participate in activities and workshops. The Impact Days are, hopefully, both useful and interesting.

Year 12 Year 13
Impact Day 1 Transition & Team-bonding:

There are a number of options for this day. Year 12s get to decide as a cohort as to whether they wish to head out in the Welsh hills or the Shropshire countryside for a walk … packed lunch and waterproofs are a must. Or in previous years, we have visited the local paintballing centre where Mr Doust and Mrs O’Neill will seek to exact any revenge through the medium of a paintball gun. Any opportunity to bond as a Year group whilst having a day out and discussing everything and nothing as we go.

UCAS Applications & EPQ:

Mr Doust and Mrs O’Neill work with those students who needed additional help with their UCAS applications and mentor students who were working on the EPQ essays.

Impact Day 2 Post 18 Pathways: Introduction To UCAS & Apprenticeships

Students explore the myriad of options available to them after Year 13 including Apprenticeships, Employment and University. Mr Doust and Mrs O’Neil lead Year 12s on their first steps and introduction to UCAS. Students completed a variety of tasks including from how they would spend £400,000 (the average amount of money a graduate will earn in their lifetime more than a non-graduate), why student finances / debt should not be a barrier to going to university, a timeline of key UCAS events, different university courses on offer and researching 5 courses they would be interested in and their respective Open Days.

Cooking Lessons:

In order to help our students ready themselves for independent living, we spend a day with them in Food Technology. In the early sessions of the day, Mr Hunter and Mrs Easton lead the students in planning and budgeting for meals. Later that day, the students are receiving cooking lessons from the staff and then putting those lessons into practice. They prepare main courses and deserts and even get a lesson in washing up.

Students in both Year 12 and Year 13 may have the opportunity to participate in a Business Enterprise and Degree apprenticeship workshop. This will either take place on Impact Day 2 (and the planned Impact Day 2 activities will be rescheduled into the Life Skills Programme) or it will run on a non-Impact Day.
Impact Day 3 PSHE:

Paul Fenn from the Community Safety, Cohesion & Environmental Enforcement Team [Telford & Wrekin Council] arrange for two members of his team to come into Holy Trinity Academy and work with our students on recognising the signs of extremist behaviour. Students also get the opportunity to ask questions about the dangers of radicalization.

T:\Department Files\Sixth Form\2016-17\Impact Days\Impact Day 17-03-2017\DSC00003.JPG

Leadership Tasks:

Mr Doust and Mrs O’Neill will set up numerous leadership and team building tasks in the Sports Hall and the surrounding area designed to test their communication skills, resilience, physical and mental strength and sense of humour. Students work together to complete the variety of challenges set them and most will get a good soaking in the process.

Car Maintenance

T:\Department Files\Sixth Form\2016-17\Impact Days\Impact Day 17-03-2017\DSC00019.JPG Mr Doust volunteers his wife’s car (without her knowledge) for students to practice their car maintenance skills. Mr Hunter leads the sessions and has the students changing windscreen wipers, topping up the crucial fluids, changing car tyres, adding new wheel trims, repairing minor scratches to name but a few jobs. Mrs Doust’s car will never have looked so good!

Impact Day 4 SMSC Day:

All students take part in the allocated theme / task for that year. From designing and creating their Form group SMSC boards to creating Prayer Spaces. Students will work with their Form tutor to come up with the most creative and artistic work on a given theme. Opportunities for spiritual reflection are provided throughout the day.

On Study Leave or have finished for the Year

Our recent survey show that: 91% said that their Impact Day was mostly useful to them

“It helped to figure out what options are available after Sixth Form.”

“I learnt a lot of information that I didn’t know.”

100% said their Impact Day was of at least some use to them

64% said that their Impact Day was mostly enjoyable to them

100% said that they found some of the day enjoyable

Not one student in the survey found their Impact Day of no use at all nor unenjoyable!