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Vaccinations NHS
Year 10 Immunisations

To the parents of Year 10 students The immunisation team will be coming to HTA on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th September to give school leaver booster vaccinations (DTP and Men ACWY) to all current year 10 children (previous Year 9) who have returned their consent forms and who were missed in March 2020 due […]

Borland RoadLiner – Transport Update

Boarding & Alighting Procedures Have Changed for Students Using the Passenger Transport The coaches will be loaded at 100% capacity, in accordance with Government and Local Authority Guidance. Therefore, the following safety measures must be strictly adhered to. Students are asked to familiarise themselves with the following procedures in the interest of lessening the Spread […]

Start times and year group entry times

Year Gates open/entry on site Lesson start 11 8.00am 8.15am 10 8.20am 8.30am 9 8.35am 8.45am 8 8.50am 9.00am 7 (front gate) 8.50am 9.00am Any pupil who gets the bus must come into school on arrival and go straight to their study zone. There is limited capacity in the study zones due to social distancing […]

Update: 18th October

We have had a confirmed Covid case in year 8. All year 8 must self- isolate whilst we conduct the contact tracing process. Details for Tuesday will be released on Monday afternoon. All pupils should use show my homework to access their work.

All students in year 7 will be in self isolation until Tuesday 27th October.

Students who travel on the A Star bus will also isolate until Tuesday 27th October

Students who travel on the Borland bus will isolate until 23rd October. They will be in school on 23rd October.

Further details have been sent to affected students via Edulink.

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