KS3 Info For Parents


All pupils in KS3 will receive two exercise books: a ‘go gold’ assessment book and a green ‘workbook’. All notes, classwork and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons will take place in their green notebook. All assessments and extended writing pieces will be written in their ‘go gold’ book alongside teacher feedback in red and pupils’ response to targets in green. Pupils’ ‘go gold’ books will go home with them once per half-term for parental response and for parents to monitor their progress (there is a box allocated for a comment next to their flightpath targets).


Per half-term, pupils complete assessments to prepare them with the necessary skills needed to complete their AQA GCSE English Language & Literature exams in KS4. They consist of smaller language questions and extended essays/comparison tasks. If you wish to support your child with these skills at home, we highly recommend the following workbooks:

Year 7:
ISBN: 978-0198368816

Year 8
ISBN:  978-0198368830

Year 9
ISBN:  978-0198368830

It is also useful for pupils to have their own copies of the set texts studied in class. Further information on this will follow during the academic year.