Seki Speaks Again

He couldn’t be here in person this time but that didn’t stop the inspirational Stephen Seki delivering another motivational talk to our students on ‘never giving up’ and ‘following our dreams’. Stephen spoke of his personal journey as a boy raised in poverty in a Ugandan farming village and how he became the success that he is today through sheer hard work and determination. Growing up, Stephen was told that he would not amount to anything and would not reach his goals. He spent years fighting the limited beliefs that he had, of what it meant to be successful having grown up in poverty in a small village in Uganda. He is now a qualified pharmacist and motivational speaker to show that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. After his virtual presentation he said “It’s not the applause at the end of the events I run that matter, it’s the fire I see in the eyes of the students. It’s the willingness I see in them to work harder; that’s what matters”. You can read this incredible story and more at