Investing in Future Talent

NTT Data Services, a top 10 global IT services provider, played host to a small number of our students on Monday. NTT has made a commitment to guarantee apprenticeship placements to students who complete their A level studies. They invest heavily in apprentices and really value the opportunities that apprentices can bring to their company. After a fascinating and inspiring day, Vlad, one of our students wrote:
“It would be an understatement to say my day at Nippon Telephone & Telegram (NTT) was filled with experiences that I will use a lot in the future. The day began with a member of each department introducing themselves to us; they all spoke about how they got into computer science, economics and NTT. It was both fascinating and inspiring to see that people without formal qualifications in Information & Technology could still work at a company that is so involved with telecommunications and technology. Throughout the day, I had the ability to learn about the workplace environment, where a member of the support team can approach a Senior Vice President without being shut down because of seniority. I have also realised that NTT heavily invest in personal development and community, primarily by sponsoring many non-profit companies such as The Prince’s Trust. Overall, this day has influenced me even more to go into something which is computing related, and shown me that you do not need to be very good at programming to involve yourself in an opportunity like this, you just need to be willing to learn.”
On behalf of Holy Trinity Academy, thank you NTT for your warm welcome and amazing hospitality.