The Brilliant Club – Jan 18

The Brilliant Club – Jan 18

Brilliant Club is an award winning charity that provides access to highly selective universities. Students from Year 10 are taking part in a ‘Scholars Programme’ working with a doctoral researcher from the University of Wolverhampton. Pupils will have the chance to attend university-style tutorials in small groups, produce their own work and take part in a graduation ceremony at a Russel Group University.

On Friday 12th January, 10 students visited Warwick University for the launch of the programme. They met student ambassadors from the University of Warwick and were given a full campus tour. They took part in IAG sessions on interview skills and how to reference sources in academic work. This has inspired the students to take a full and active part in the programme.

Mrs Simmonds

Head of Humanities

Aspire Academy Lead Teacher

Update: 24/01/2021

Due to the weather forecast & treacherous conditions school will be closed tomorrow to all staff and students, we will be back open on tuesday as normal to critical workers.

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