Lionheart Challenge coming to HTA!

The Lionheart Challenge is coming to HTA on Thursday 31st January.  This is a nationwide enterprise programme in which our Year 10 students will participate in a high-impact business challenge by working in teams, learning key technical business disciplines, gaining valuable core enterprising and transferable skills, problem solving and team working.

Update: 18th October

We have had a confirmed Covid case in year 8. All year 8 must self- isolate whilst we conduct the contact tracing process. Details for Tuesday will be released on Monday afternoon. All pupils should use show my homework to access their work.

All students in year 7 will be in self isolation until Tuesday 27th October.

Students who travel on the A Star bus will also isolate until Tuesday 27th October

Students who travel on the Borland bus will isolate until 23rd October. They will be in school on 23rd October.

Further details have been sent to affected students via Edulink.

Many thanks,

Holy Trinity Academy