Who is the SENCo and how do I make contact?

Susie Quye is the SENCo. If you would like to make contact please contact main reception who will arrange an appointment.

My child is not making progress, who should I contact?

If you have concerns about your child’s progress you should contact the form tutor or subject teacher in the first instance. Pastoral concerns should be directed to the form tutor or Pastoral Officer.

My child has Dyslexia; what provision is available?

Please see our Universal Quality First Provision on the website, which forms the first tier of our graduated approach. We are a Dyslexia –friendly school and only a small number of students will need additional input or resources, in our experience. We do offer laptops and reading interventions and classroom support if required.

What is the SEN Register and who is registered on it? How will I know if my child is on the register?

Many children will require provision for a short period of time which is “over and above” our Quality First provision, this may include social skills groups, reading interventions or classroom support. During the time this support and intervention is in place your child will be registered on our SEN register. If your child is placed on, or removed from, the SEN register you will be sent a letter to inform you of this. It is standard practice for the school to send out letters once per year.

My child previously had 1:1 support, will this continue at Holy Trinity Academy?

Generally, Holy Trinity Academy only offers full time 1:1 support for students with severe and complex needs who are unable to carry out everyday activities such as feeding, dressing or writing without support. Students may receive 1:1 help for intensive periods of support.

Can my child have Access Arrangements for exams?

Students will usually be assessed for Access Arrangements in Year 10. Student and teacher feedback will be collated alongside behaviour and attendance records before testing is undertaken. Access arrangements cover a range of support for exams to enable your child to reach their full potential (without offering any advantages). Arrangements include prompts, reading support, use of a word processor, extra time and more

Irlens –  what provision does the school offer? My child uses coloured overlays

We are aware that at Primary schools many students are offered coloured overlays to help them with reading. You are very welcome to provide overlays and/or coloured notepaper for your child to use at Holy Trinity if this helps your child, however; we regret that for exam purposes we need proof of the need for coloured paper from an optometrist if your child wishes to have exam papers on coloured paper. Tinted glasses are often the easiest option as they can be used in all situations.

My child has physical difficulties – can they be fully included in your setting?

The school is fully inclusive and we welcome applications from all students. We have a lift and all doorways are standard width to allow equipment through. We currently do not have changing facilities or hoists and do not currently have visits from Physiotherapists or OTs nor a sensory area.

Does your school cater for students with Hearing or Visual impairments?

We have several students at the school with Visual and Hearing impairments. The Specialist Teaching Team visit termly to support staff and students. We do not have Braille nor British Sign Language specialists on site.

How does the school ensure transition is smooth?

We work closely with local primary schools and parents to plan for smooth transitions. Work continues all year round with some of our larger feeder primary schools (such as St. George’s) and they continue to support students’ transition in Year 7 and we go out to visit the Year 6 classes. Additional meetings and transition days may be planned in for the more complex or vulnerable students.