Physical Education

Physical education and sport are seen as very important for the development of all students here at Holy Trinity Academy.

In key stage 3 students receive 4 hours of P.E a fortnight and are offered a wide range of sporting opportunities both within the curriculum as well as part of extracurricular activity. The activities include; Football, netball, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, fitness, badminton, tennis, athletics cricket and rounder’s.

In key stage 4 students receive 2 hours of P.E a fortnight and have the opportunity to participate in the following additional activities; volleyball, bench ball and the use of the fitness suite.

GCSE Physical Education (AQA)

For those students keen on sport and possibly looking for a sporting career this option can be taken in year 9. The qualification consists of the following elements;

2 exam papers which are worth 60% of the qualification

- Paper 1 Anatomy and physiology

- Paper 2 Sports psychology and socio-cultural influences.

Practical sport which is worth 40% of the qualification and is made up of 2 parts

- Practical sports performance in 3 sports.

- Performance analysis assessment in one sport.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Students who wish to compete in sport have a number of opportunities here at Holy Trinity.

Teams and clubs

 A range of clubs are provided both a lunch time and after school. Everyone is welcome to the clubs and the emphasis is on fun. Those students who want to compete may be able to become part of one of the school teams who then play against other schools.

House Sport

In addition we run an extensive programme of house sport with 6 events a year. The students compete against other houses in a range of sports including; football, netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, bench ball, rounder’s & Frisbee.


Physical activity plays a major role in the whole school enrichment programme. It is the most popular option with the students with at least a hundred students choosing to opt to play sport each Friday afternoons.