We believe that studying Art and Design is both rewarding and exciting. At Holy Trinity our new state of the art, well-equipped studios offer a safe and stimulating place where pupils can develop their visual awareness and improve their artistic skills.

Our Vision  

At Holy Trinity we would like all of our pupils to become independent and confident learners who leave their lessons with more than just technical skills. We aim to create a positive artistic community which promotes both, a love of learning and a real sense of belonging. We know that good teaching feels exciting and realise that every opportunity should be taken to use the new resources and technologies available to us. Most importantly we believe that thorough planning combined with a contemporary philosophy, makes Art both a popular and rewarding subject to study.


Pupils learn exceptionally well and results in Art are good. Art staff have rich subject knowledge and expect that all pupils will do well. Very quickly, pupils learn how to select and use a wide range of materials and techniques and show independence and originality in doing so. We are proud of our pupils and exhibit their work widely. The very nature of our subject supports students’ intellectual, emotional and social development and as they begin to interpret their own ideas and observations they make sense of the ever-changing world around them.

The Art Curriculum

The expressive nature of art and artistic ways of thinking complements the scientific, mathematical and theoretical subjects well. At Holy Trinity, pupils are given opportunities to work from observation, memory and imagination and work in both two and three dimensions. Pupils develop a wide range of creative skills and learn to use visual language skilfully and adventurously.  Project themes have included; High colour + photorealism; Cityscapes + street art and Distortion + De stijl. From deep skill acquisition to expressive illustration the nature of outcome is wide ranging. High class teaching, good quality learning and exciting project planning means that our Art studios are collaborative, dynamic and celebratory.

A focus upon a fine art syllabus means that work is explored in paint, print, photography and sculpture and as pupils move through each key stage, work becomes more demanding, developed and detailed. At the end of Year 13 many pupils go on to higher education in Art and Design, including Foundation courses in college and Bachelor of Arts degrees at university. Past pupils have accepted places at Manchester School of Art, Reading University and Writtle School of Design London. Essential then that we prepare pupils for each stage of their art career. At Key stage 4 and Post 16, pupils study from the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA syllabus, both artistically rigorous and highly regarded – See www.ocr.org.uk


Lunchtime and after-school clubs are popular and extra studio hours for older pupils means that the Art studios are busy and exciting places to be. We take pride in promoting links with the wider community and often submit work for events and exhibitions. Art competitions are regular and arty prizes are awarded during assembly: Themes such as Family Portrait, You Matter and My Street have proved popular. Homework in all years is expected and extended projects are offered to the most able. Town trails offer opportunity to refine skills and use visual language. Drawing out of doors in Shrewsbury for example, meant that pupil work was appraised by the public. Understanding the work of other artists is encouraged and visits to Birmingham, the Ikon and Tate Liverpool have taken place.

We are always happy to welcome visitors. Please call the school to arrange a visit.

‘Creativity enriches our lives, strengthens our confidence and produces social well being-Paula Rego

Art and Photography at Holy Trinity Academy

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