“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe

said Galileo Galilei.  He perhaps was expressing his understanding of how fundamental mathematics is to our very existence.  This ancient saying is never more relevant than today, where mathematics is the key to so much of our modern life.

At Holy Trinity Academy, we believe that an understanding of mathematics is the right of all our pupils, and we work very hard to ensure that all pupils are given the best opportunity to progress to their highest possible level of achievement.

Mathematics is so much more than “being good with numbers”, or “getting the answer right”.  We instill in our pupils the thinking skills needed to analyse a problem, a methodical approach to decide on how best to tackle  it, use the  mathematical skills they have gained  to work out an answer, and then be able to justify their answer by explanation.  Our overall aim is to dispel the myth that many of us have been destined to not being very good at mathematics.  We believe that mathematical confidence leads to mathematical competence, and our teaching is targeted at improving self-belief in the skills which everyone can acquire.

Mathematics is a subject which requires practice, and so regular homework is set to provide the opportunity for students to practice and hone their skills as they progress through the academic year.

Year 7 is spent making sure that pupils have gained all the basic numeracy skills necessary to provide a firm foundation for their ongoing studies.  In year 8, we expand mathematical understanding and knowledge to cover all the topics necessary in preparation for GCSE.

Year 9 is the start of a 3-year course of study in preparation for GCSE Mathematics, which is taken at the end of year 11.

Mathematics is a popular subject at GCSE.

Wherever possible, we incorporate extra-curricular activities to both support and extend the mathematics taught in class.  These include recognition of “Pi Day” in March, and years 8 and 10 participate in the  “UK Maths Challenge”, a nationally-recognised achievement in mathematical excellence.   Our dedicated department uses a wide variety of teaching methods, including hands-on activities and software-based learning.

We assess progress of all pupils throughout the year, and additional support is offered for any child who needs a helping hand outside the usual classroom activities.  This could be in the form of mentoring with a 6th-former, homework help during lunchtimes, or additional after-school slots to target specific topics.

The department is staffed only by full-qualified mathematics specialists, who take pride in their professional and supportive teaching style.

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Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90 verse 12