Year 7 to Year 8 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge 1

Read as many fiction books as you can over the holidays.  For each book you read produce a book report.  There are lots of different styles of book reports.  Click here to see and choose your preferred style of book reports.

Each book read, accompanied by a book review will earn you 10 reward points.  There will be a prize for the top point scorers in September.

Reading Challenge 2

We know you love fiction, now it’s time to get into non-fiction!

Your challenge it to read at least FIVE non-fiction articles from the below website or any websites or print based sources of your choice.  Students have been given the record sheet but if you need one click here and print it off.  You will get 10 reward points for every article read and signed off on the record sheet.

Here are the English department’s top 5 picks for sources of interesting and useful non-fiction!  Get reading anyway, anywhere, anytime you can.  It WILL improve your performance in all your subjects.



A weekly newspaper for young people.


A website by teens for teens. Packed full of non-fiction articles, reviews and much more!



Really challenge yourself by reading articles by the National Geographic.  Excellent writing style – learn from the best!


Outside magazine is the intelligent person’s guide to the always-exhilarating world outside. Each issue of Outside magazine features award-winning writers, great stories of adventure, tips on the latest gear and advice for active travellers.  The English Language Exam often has articles like these for you to analyse!


Always a favourite.  Check it out. Stay informed J
Final Tip!  Extracts from biographies and autobiographies sometimes come up.  Why not read one over the summer?  Your choice J


Obviously, the way to get the most points is to complete both challenges!