Year 6 Transition Booklet – English

In Year 7 English we focus on a different topic every half-term, ranging from: creative writing & study of 19th Century authors, a ‘Poisionous Poetry’ unit, a novel study (‘Wonder’, ‘Curious Incidents Of The Dog In The Night-time’, or ‘Ways To Live Forever’), a study of ‘The Jungle Book’ with animal poetry and then we finish the year with a ‘Shakespeare Shorts’ unit.

To support your child over the summer, we recommend that they keep up with their independent reading regularly and perhaps try books that are out of their comfort zone. Over the year, they will have the chance of using our pop-up library on Wednesdays, take part in a ‘Readathon’ to raise money whilst reading and take part in regular competitions to achieve housepoints for their reading.

We start with creative writing in September to teach them some key secondary skills for their writing. We usually ask for pupils to bring in their best piece of writing from year 6 to share with us. In the current situation, we would kindly ask if it is possible for them to bring in a piece of writing they are proud of (it can be one of their home learning tasks or one they completed before their school closure). Due to their time missed at school, this unit will also bridge any gaps missed in terms of their creative writing and use of vocabulary.

Summer challenges!
1. Reading challenge. There will be a summer reading challenge posted on SMHW at a later date for pupils to enjoy! Achievement points and certificates will be awarded upon return.
2. Photo & creative writing challenge. Year 6 are challenged to take an interesting photo during their summer holiday break and write a piece of descriptive/creative writing based upon it (no more than 600 words). The photo could be anything from: a household item, a family selfie, something in their garden, a picturesque view or something that catches their eye whilst on a social-distancing walk.

The photos and stories will need to be submitted to their English teacher upon return to school (more information to be posted on SMHW).