Y8 Business Options Information

If you are interested in finding more out about GCSE Business please take the time to watch a short presentation of the PowerPoint Presentation; it will give you an overview of what is included in the course and the skills required to do well. Choosing to study a subject that you have not studied before should be an informed choice, students need to be sure that they will find it interesting and that the skills needed match their strengths. If having watched the presentation you feel the subject could be for you please attempt the GymShark task and complete your answers on the Microsoft form. This is not a test but an indication of your interest;  the quality of your responses will not determine whether or not you are accepted onto the course however completing the task should help you to decide whether Business is a subject that you would like to study.

If you require any further information please contact Mrs Evans via email lucienne.evans@holytrinity.com