Friends of The Holy Land

Every Year through our partnership with Friends of the Holy Land, we show our commitment to and solidarity with the School of Joy in Bethlehem – through our prayers and fundraising in HTA.

Now more than ever during this global pandemic crisis our friends in Bethlehem need our support.

These children and their families, who are the poorest of the poor, are suffering and we are invited to not forget them. Please read on:

A message from the School of Joy

Hello Friends,
We wanted to share with you some news from Father Mamdouh Abusada the Director of the School of Joy.  As you may well have heard our Brothers and Sisters in Bethlehem have been struggling during the Lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak this has meant that the School of joy along with all institutions has been closed for the past 3 months and trying to work with the students remotely.

Father Abusada has recorded a video discussing the situation in Bethlehem and how the School of Joy have been responding.

Father Abusada covers many themes and we have separated the video into shorter segments.  You can find and share these on our social media or by following the link below.

As you will have heard Father Mamdouh calls on us his Brothers and Sisters in Christ to keep the School of Joy in our Prayers at this difficult time.  We have prayer resources avaiable on our website, if you would like more information you can sign up to our Prayer bank here.

Friends of the Holy Land have also been running our Pentecost Challenge to raise much needed funds to support all of our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy land inluding the School of Joy and all of the staff and pupils there.  If you can give then please consider donating to the Penetecost challenge where your donation will be match funded to have double the impact.

Thank you for all of your support for the School of Joy over the last few years, it has had a huge impact and we look forward to many more years supporting the School of Joy when we emerge from this crisis.

Thank you again,
The Friends of the Holy Land team