Holy Trinity PTFA

A message from the PTFA

The role of the PTFA is to enable cohesion between the school, teachers and parents through social and fundraising events/activities.

We bring together parents, teachers and sponsors to raise funds and to have fun doing it! With our fundraising we aim to enrich HTA education by providing equipment and materials to enhance the building and facilities of the school, as well as to support the school’s annual chosen charity.

We do this by organising a variety of fundraising and social events throughout the year. It is not the role of PTFA to raise or discuss individual pupil or parent concerns. Such matters should be raised through the appropriate channels following school guidelines. School management/operational procedures; curriculum or timetabling; staff selection and appointment; school hours or holidays and management of budget all fall outside the remit

Our Objectives 

  • To organise and run social events creating opportunities for parents, teachers and pupils to enjoy and form good relationships.
  • To enhance the experience of HTA by raising funds; used for additional resources or for schools chosen charity.
  • To promote positive close co-operation & communication between parents & school.
  • To provide activities & events to support and enhance school provision.
  • To consider suggestions from staff, parents and children (via school council) as to how funds should be spent and authorise expenditure.

Our ways of working

Members of the PTFA are those parents who have children attending the school and are volunteers.

Funds may only be used to fulfill the main purpose which is fundraising to provide facilities or equipment which support the school and further the education of the pupils.

There are no minimum or maximum time requirements from members; everyone contributes their time on a voluntary basis.

Committee roles key duties

Neha Deol as Chair

The Chair has the role of leadership and should ensure that issues are properly debated and that agreement is reached.

Key responsibilities:

  • Primary contact for communications with the leadership team
  • Chair PTFA meetings
  • Approve the agenda of meetings
  • Approve and ‘sign off’ the minutes of meetings
  • Get to know members of the committee, ensuring they understand their individual roles and encourage open communication
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Agree use of PTFA funds with the leadership team once authorised by PTFA

Jan Clay as Vice Chair

The Chair and Vice Chair have an associated and shared relationship and a split of responsibilities as above is agreed between themselves.

Kirsty Scott as Treasurer

The treasurer manages and controls the funds the PTFA raises by recording all income and expenditure.

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing cash and bank account
  • Advise the bank of agreed changes to the bank mandate, ie those authorised to sign cheques
  • Sign cheques with a second committee member co-signing
  • Withdraw money to provide a cash float for events
  • Arrange appropriate licenses for events
  • Keep all original invoices
  • Maintain the financial records
  • Provide regular updates on income & expenditure at meetings
  • Draw up the annual accounts

Claire Fenn as Secretary

The Secretary is a key committee member as they are responsible for ensuring effective communication links between committee members and between the PTFA and the school.

Key responsibilities:

  • Prepare agendas and minutes of meetings and distribute to all the committee and PTFA in good time
  • Help the Chair ensure that committee meetings run smoothly
  • Make meeting & event arrangements
  • Preparation of publicity flyers, posters, etc. for events
  • Update PFA webpage in liaison with school
  • Maintain contacts list of members and year reps

Class Reps

Class Reps ensure good communication between parents, teachers and the PTFA. The role can be taken by more than one parent from each year group. They may run with mini projects for their allocated class, contributing ideas and helping out where they can with PTFA events.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide feedback and ideas from class to the PTFA
  • Help the PTFA with organisation of events and to recruit volunteers
  • Help with PTFA communications and disseminate the information to ensure parents are aware of what is happening and asking for parent feedback on where the PTFA should spend money, issues etc.
  • Compile a class list with parents contact details (for those who wish to be on it). This is useful for organising socials
  • Arrange year group socials