Lessons from Auschwitz

On Wednesday 13th March, two of our Year 13 students joined the ‘Lessons From Auschwitz’ project on their annual trip to Poland. After landing in Krakow, students visited Oswiecim and its local museum which commemorates the former Jewish inhabitants of the city. Late morning they arrived at Auschwitz 1 for a guided tour of the Nazi concentration camp before moving onto Auschwitz-Birkenau after lunch. After an in-depth tour of both sites, a service of remembrance was held with all the students and staff in attendance from across the West Midlands. Rabbi Barry Marcus led a deeply spiritual and moving ceremony in which prayers sung in Hebrew remembered all the lives lost during the Holocaust. Students now have the opportunity to follow up their visit to Poland with a project in which they will pass on their learning about the Holocaust and the events which led to this and other genocides.