Free Online Lectures with Aspire

Live streamed University of Wolverhampton lectures hosted by University Centre Telford and completely FREE. The next lecture is tomorrow at 6pm and is entitled ‘Sport in a Time of Crisis: Historical Precedents and draws on two case studies, football in World War 1 and the Olympics in World War 2’. Other forthcoming lectures include ‘The Age of Fire’, at 6pm on Monday 22nd June – a fully illustrated talk on the history of Icelandic Witchcraft (age 13+). ‘Compulsory Exercise in School’ – Pupil and Teacher Eye Views at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd June and a ‘Wellbeing’ lecture complete with practical Yoga session at 7pm on Wednesday 24th June. On 30th June there will be a lecture on ‘Voodoo’ – A word that conjures up images of pins in dolls, sacrifice and fear and yet is often misrepresented, stereotyped and misunderstood. Dr Louise Fenton will explore the origins of Haitian Vodou and how this Caribbean religion transformed into the sensationalised, and more familiar term, Voodoo. From West Africa to the Caribbean island of Haiti and then onto Louisiana, Dr Fenton will discuss this journey and how literature, Hollywood and tourism changed the perception of the religion’. This is a fully illustrated talk. All of these lectures are freely accessible but must be prebooked. Call (01952) 277777, email or book through Eventbrite: