Borland RoadLiner – Transport Update

Boarding & Alighting Procedures Have Changed for Students Using the Passenger Transport

The coaches will be loaded at 100% capacity, in accordance with Government and Local Authority Guidance. Therefore, the following safety measures must be strictly adhered to.

Students are asked to familiarise themselves with the following procedures in the interest of lessening the Spread of Covid-19:

– Students should observe 1 Metre Social Distancing at bus stops, when boarding or alighting;

– All Students must show their pass;

– Vehicles will be loaded from rear to front, left to right;

– Passengers will alight from Front to Rear;

– All passengers should wear a mask or face-covering;

– Eating and Drinking is not permitted on the vehicle. This is not only to ensure the vehicle remains clean but any litter would be a potential contact point for our passengers and staff. Littering may result a £50 fine invoiced directly to parents;

– If a student does not follow the rules and their actions are deemed a health risk to the driver, staff or other passengers, the student’s transport may be suspended;

– Our Vehicles will be fitted with hand sanitiser pumps for students to use.

For Borland RoadLiner LTD to adhere to government and local authority guidance, your cooperation is essential.
A number of regulations have been introduced for all operators who serve the Telford area. It is therefore vital all passengers know and understand the rules set out by us, to ensure students’ safe travel.

Updated Terms and Conditions of Carriage and our risk assessment, vis-à-vis Covid-19 can be requested from us.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The Following Timetable will be run from 02.09.2020, differing from the temporary timetable run in May to June:

07:05          Stafford Park 7 Yard

07:22          Pool Farm Avenue (Leegomery Spar)

07:27          Shawbirch (Main Road, opp. The Woolpack)

07:29          Admaston House Layby

07:33          Spring Hill (opp Morrisons)

07:35          Wrekin Rd The Wickets Inn

07:37          Cock Hotel (before lights)

07:39          Haybridge Road (bus stop opp. Telford College)

07:43          Hadley Bus Station

07:47          Trench Lock Garage Layby

07:51          Trench Road/Stanmore Drive (One Stop)

07:52          Trench Road/Furnace Lane (TA Centre)

07:56          Donnington Wood Way/Fieldhouse Drive

07:58          Queens Road/Church Road

08:10          Holy Trinity Academy

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