Art to Provoke the Soul – ‘Loving Hurting Dreaming’


Three emotive pieces of art are on display within our school that have been created by the artist Jake Lever and kindly loaned to us by the Diocese of Lichfield. The three pieces, collectively referred to as a triptych, are called ‘Loving, Hurting, Dreaming’ and depict
(i) the rings of an ancient tree
(ii) a dark contorted tree with exposed and broken roots
(iii) a simple boat on a shore surrounded by calm sea and sky
The images are poetic, contemplative, spiritual and soulful and will inspire prayer for people of all ages and backgrounds.  They are a springboard for lively discussion, fresh thinking and exploration around Christian faith and yet offer fresh perspectives, particularly around our relationship with the environment.
All this week, students will explore and reflect closely on the power of this artwork during their Religious Studies lessons.