Who is the SENCO?

The SENCO is Mrs Karen Colton

My child is not making progress, who should I contact?

If you have concerns about your child’s progress you should use the Contact Us feature on the school website in the first instance and your concern will be passed to the person most able to assist you. If your child is on the SEND register and you have been provided with a login for Provision Maps then you are able to contact the department directly through this. We would always recommend that if the concern is subject specific that you direct your initial concerns to the relevant department.

My child has Dyslexia; what provision is available?

Please see our Universal Quality First Provision on the website, which forms the first tier of our graduated approach. We are a Dyslexia-friendly school and the needs of most students will be met through this.

Irlen’s – What provision does the school offer? My child uses coloured overlays

We are aware that at Primary school many students are offered coloured overlays to help with reading. If you believe that coloured overlays are beneficial for your child then we strongly recommend that you seek a professional assessment from a qualified optometrist as this will a) confirm a formal diagnosis if appropriate b) ensure that the correct colour is used and c) secure a prescription for tinted glasses, if appropriate. Tinted glasses are often the best option as they can be used in a variety of situations including reading from interactive boards and laptops etc. Please note that we are not qualified to assess students for Irlen’s Syndrome or to issue a diagnosis.

My child has physical difficulties – can they be fully included in your setting?

The school is fully inclusive and we welcome applications from all students. We have a lift in the building and all doorways are standard width to allow equipment through. We do not currently have hoists and we do not have OTs or Physiotherapists on site. We do not have a sensory area.

Does your school cater for students with hearing or visual impairments?

We have a number of students at the school with visual and hearing impairments. Specialist  teachers visit termly to support staff and students but we do not have Braille nor British Sign Language specialists on site.

How does the school ensure that transition is smooth?

We work closely with local primary schools and with parents to plan for smooth transitions. Work continues all year round with our feeder primary schools and we go out to visit year 6 classes/individual students as and where appropriate. Year 6 students who are due to attend the school in September usually spend a ‘transition week’ with us in July. Additional meetings and transition days may be arranged for more complex and/or vulnerable students. All transition visits/meetings are subject to any Covid restrictions that may be in place at the time.