Sixth Form Transport

You may also be entitled to a free bus pass where the qualifying school has been expressed as a preference based on the religion or belief of both parent and child and you live more than two miles but not more than 15 miles from the nearest suitable school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief and attend that school. (Evidence of both parent and child’s religion or belief will be required.

Route 1


Swan Gate Bus Stop (TF5 0JA) 07:33
St Patricks School Bus Stop (TF1 3ES) 07:42
Dunelm Bus Stop (TF1 1SG) 07:48
The Wickets Bus Stop (TF1 2DZ) 07:53
Cock Hotel Bus Stop (TF1 2DH) 07:57
Dawley Road Bus Stop (TF1 2JF) 08:02
Crescent Road Bus Stop (TF1 5JE) 08:10
Shropshire Star Bus Stop (TF1 5AH) 08:15
Lawley Medical Practice Bus Stop (TF4 2LG) 08:25
Park Lane Bus Stop (TF3 4TG) 08:28


Route 2


Farm Lane, Horsehay (TF4 2NE) 7:36am
Brunel Road (Opp Coachwell Close, TF4 2DS) 7:45am
Church Wicketts (TF4 2AS) 7:47am
King Street Dawley (Opp Lancaster Avenue, TF4 2AA) 7:49am
Dawley Portley Corner (TF4 3LE) 7:52am
Majestic Way (TF4 3RB) 7:54am
Woodside Avenue (Opp Wyvern, TF7 5GD) 8:02am
Woodside Avenue (Opp Woodrows, TF7 5GD) 8:02am
Brookside Avenue (Blakemore, TF3 1LA) 8:15am
Stirchley Avenue/Churncote (TF3 1PS) 8:19am
Randlay Avenue (Opp Boulton Grange, TF3 2LA) 8:21am
Dale Acre Way/Deercote (TF3 2BT) 8:24am
Dale Acre Way (Opp Duffryn, TF3 2EN) 8:26am


Route 3


Newport Bus Interchange (TF10 7DL) 7:32am
Newport Girls High School (TF10 7HL) 7:36am
Brands Meadow (TF2 8JP) 7:47am
Van Beeks Motor Factors (TF2 8AJ) 7:49am
Aldi (TF2 8JS) 7:50am
Four Ways (after nights, TF1 5AH)) 7:51am
Wombridge (The Bridge Inn, TF2 6RJ) 7:56am
Wombridge Road/Trench Road Papershop (TF2 6QF) 7:57am
Hadley Bus Station (TF1 5NG) 8:02am
Sommerfield Road/Marlborough Road (TF1 6SX) 8:06am
Oakengates Bus Station (TF2 6JJ) 8:12am
Gower Street/Walker Crescent (TF2 9HW) 8:18am
Priorslee Road (Old Chapel, TF2 9ED) 8:20am
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