It is the policy of the Governing Body of Holy Trinity Academy to require students to wear our distinctive uniform neatly and to follow the appearance requirements.   Below is a list of the various items.

Parents are asked to ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with the student’s name.


Blazers must be worn at all times unless permission is given to remove them by a member of staff.  No form of ‘hoodie’, track suit top or sports top must be worn as an outer coat, it will be confiscated and parents will be asked to come in and pick it up.  The Blazer will become the outer coat whilst in School.

Trousers must be sensible tailored school trousers not jeans, fashion trousers that are too tight or have belts, buckles or other ornamentation. Skirts should be a decent length, no higher than just above the knee.

Outer coats should be black or navy only.

Students should choose one option from the two options listed below.

Option 1 Option 2
 Navy Blazer with School Badge   Navy Blazer with School Badge
 White Shirt with revere collar   White Shirt
Jubilee tartan pleated skirt   Tailored grey trousers
Red V-neck pullover School striped tie
Black flat shoes. No boots, pumps, trainers or canvas shoes Red V-neck pullover
Navy socks or tights.  No trainer socks. Black flat shoes not boots, pumps, trainers or canvas shoes
Apron or overall Grey or black socks
  Apron or overall
PE Kit
Navy polo shirt with red panels and white piping
Navy shorts with red panels and white piping
Navy tracksuit top with badges and white piping

Navy tracksuit bottoms with white piping

Navy PE socks with red and white hoops

Shin Pads                                                         

Football Boots

Mouth Guards                                              


Due to health and safety parents must provide students with mouth guards for use when playing hockey and shin pads for use when playing football and hockey.  This is compulsory.


Jewellery should not be worn.  If students have pierced ears a maximum of two small plain gold or silver studs (one in each ear) on lower lobe is allowed.  Nose studs, upper ear piercings and facial piercing, including tongue studs, are not acceptable.  A recent piercing is not a valid reason for wearing unacceptable jewellery. The use of plasters as a means of covering up is not acceptable. No rings, bracelets, or chains (except a small crucifix if worn)

Make up is not allowed. Students who arrive wearing make-up or nail varnish will be told to remove it before they are allowed in class. For safety reasons finger nails should be kept to a reasonable length. False nails are not acceptable under any circumstances.


We appreciate that fashions in haircuts are constantly changing and schools have to cope with trends.  However, students should have hair of a ‘natural colour’ not have streaks, etched or engraved designs or cuts or styles that are extreme or below a Number 2.  Long hair should be clean, tidy and be tied back at all times.

This is not an exhaustive list. To avoid possible anxiety please talk to the school before allowing your child to opt for a hair style or piercing that could get them into trouble.