Pupil Premium & Services


Already in place/ funded Proposed actions

·         Staff salary (AWE; WV)

·         SMHW

·         GCSE Pod

·         Homework club attendance

  • Monitoring of service children’s progress compared to the wider school population to ensure that they learn, develop and achieve their own expected level of progress
  • Intervention strategies and support are put into place by departments, to support their learning
  • Membership of HMS Heroes
  • Enrichment activities to enable Service children to take part in certain activities that may not have been available to them due to the absence of one of their key adults.
  • Creation of ‘Services pupil voice’ group to survey what support students need/ want. WV to meet students on Wednesday 5th February.
  • Monitoring of Services students’ attendance by pastoral staff (including back-to-school meetings).
  • Consider/ reflect on transition arrangements for Y6 students – offer tours/ other opportunities for students and parents to ensure a smoother transition for services children.
  • WV to attend SCiP alliance hub meeting in future. Signed up for newsletter and school now part of the West Midlands SciP alliance.
  • Access Reading Force resources – free books and scrapbooks for services children; promoting literacy skills. Resources to be distributed in the Spring term.
  • KS4 student as Services champion in school? To be suggested at meeting on 5th February.