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Inspirational Student to Launch the Alumni

One of the reasons students are less likely to go to university, despite having good A level results is an absence of role models in students family and peer groups, which creates a lack of ambition. Based on research from ‘Behavioural Insights and the Somerset Challenge’ 2017, a talk was given by an inspirational student, […]

The Brilliant Club – Jan 18

Brilliant Club is an award winning charity that provides access to highly selective universities. Students from Year 10 are taking part in a ‘Scholars Programme’ working with a doctoral researcher from the University of Wolverhampton. Pupils will have the chance to attend university-style tutorials in small groups, produce their own work and take part in […]

My Perfect University

As part of our IAG (Information, Advice & Guidance) programme, students from Year 9 represented Holy Trinity Academy in the ‘My Perfect University’ competition. Schools from across the region competed by presenting their pitch for the perfect university in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style. The students were also inspired by a talk from Errol Lawson. All […]