Please ensure you remind and encourage your child to be vigilant walking to and from school.

  • Make sure your child knows their address and your telephone number by heart, in case they get lost or have to navigate home from somewhere new.
    • Establish a home time (how long should it take them to walk or cycle)
    • Talk to your child about road safety. They should always look both ways before crossing the street, and never be on their phone whilst crossing a road.
    • Remind them never to accept a lift from someone they don’t know, or let a stranger into the house. They should never give personal information away – in real life or online.
    • Remind them that if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, they can call you or a trusted adult.
    • Avoid walking in dark alley ways/tunnels or woodlands alone
    • If they ever feel like they’re in immediate danger, they should call home or the police straight away.
    • Avoid crossing the road whilst texting/looking at their mobile phone
    • Avoid listening to loud music whilst walking alone
    • Wear suitable footwear
    • Sensible coat to keep warm

Be vigilant and aware of their environment.  We would ask parents to report any suspicious behaviour in the community to the police.

School will remain open today for critical workers.