Free France Battle Fields Trip 2018

Congratulations to the two winners of the free trip to France, Rebecca McGregor and Ellie Boyce, who, after their visit presented wonderful contributions in whole school Collective Acts of Worship in the week leading up to Remembrance. The collective act of worships that they delivered were fantastic, and a wonderful way of passing on the knowledge and experience that they had visiting the Battle Fields at this poignant time. Their focus on the importance of Remembrance helped other pupils understand the purpose of Remembrance and encourage involvement in the Poppy Project, which has also been a great success!

Update: 24/01/2021

Due to the weather forecast & treacherous conditions school will be closed tomorrow to all staff and students, we will be back open on tuesday as normal to critical workers.

Remote learning will take place as normal, if assistance is needed please use the usual channels, links below:

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