Geography KS5


The Geography Department at Holy Trinity Academy aims to provide students with the skills necessary to understand the world we live in today and the world of the future.

We focus on the skills of written and verbal communication, analysis, resilience, collaboration, meta-thinking, mathematical statistical analysis (including statistical significance testing), cartography and fieldwork techniques. Staff use a range of teaching styles from group-work, enquiry work, pair work, independent study and decision making exercises. Students are provided with a platform to be passionate about Geography and the Geographical issues faced by this world. We are a well-resourced department. Students have access to a wide range of text books and resources. Staff are experienced and knowledgeable. We take a great deal of pride in the atmosphere created in the classroom and the educational visits that we organise.

We follow the AQA GCSE Geography specification and expect our students to be proactive in their studies.

AQA GCSE Geography from September 2016 (new spec)  
Paper 1 Section A (Hazards) Paper 2 Section A
Natural Hazards Urban
Tectonic Hazards  
Weather Hazards  
Climate Change  
Paper 1 Section B (Living World) Paper 2 Section B
Ecosystems Economic Geography
Tropical Rainforests  
Hot Deserts  
Paper 1 Section C Paper 2 Section C
UK Physical Landscapes Resource Management
Coasts Water
All students must also complete a Geographical Skills unit throughout the course

Whilst incredibly relevant and engaging, the GCSE Geography course is very content heavy and demands a significant and ongoing amount of preparation for assessments throughout the course up until the end of the three final examination papers in year 11. Assessment in Geography is also demanding in terms of the need for high levels of literacy and numeracy.

Students opting for Geography need to be aware that success in this subject requires a commitment on their part to revise in depth for their end of unit assessments and final examinations outside of lessons.

This subject provides students with an array of skills and knowledge valued by employers across a range of different sectors and is an Oxbridge and Russell Group subject, meaning that the country’s top universities view Geography GCSE and A Level preferentially.